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Our rescue is in urgent need of funds to continue the vital work we do in saving dog’s lives, from death row situations and then preparing them for rehoming. Helping over 40 new dogs a month takes its toll on our bank account. We always neuter, vaccinate and give any vet treatment they required: MOST RESCUES DON’T. We keep many long-stay dogs as we endeavour to find their home and as long as it takes: MANY RESCUES DON’T. Our vet and kennel bills are massive and somehow we have limped along., but this year we have helped many more dogs and our account has gone down to a point we have to debate which bills we pay as priority, as we had to when we started 12 years ago. Our income is from people who care through standing orders or ‘friends and family’ Paypal. For the first time in our history we need to plead to you to help our dogs. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet and that is why we are appealing to you to.

Please give what you can so we can continue.

We promise you every penny you give will go to support our dogs, we are all volunteers contributing ourselves to help our homeless dogs.

This page will be updated to show you how many dogs RR have saved this month

Here are new dogs for December