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Our Values:

A Unique Gold Seal Rescue for Our dogs

• Never exploited by breeding: All Rescue Remedies dogs are neutered with the exception of puppies which are homed responsibility with the commitment to neuter at their right stage of maturation. No Rescue Remedies dog will be used for breeding.
• Uptodate: Information shared on our dogs is honest; up dated daily on our Forum and where possible our websites. Our adoption process is thorough and involves safe guards for our dogs and their potential families ensuring good matching of needs, skills and lifestyle.
• Support for entire life: Rescue Remedies stand by their dogs for their entire lives and offer free advice. Our dogs must come back to us if their homing breaks down, receiving them back within given 2 weeks notice. All Rescue Remedies dog are homed with a Rescue Remedies tag on and the Rescue’s details on their microchips, should their owners not be contactable.
• Maximising Donations: Donations go directly to payment of vet. & kennel bills and essentials e.g. microchips purchase. All our dogs where ever possible receive a 7 day course of Panacur to eradicate lungworm in case present.
• Community of givers: All volunteers, give of their time and pay their own expenses, and other supportive measures directly for the dogs. No one receives salaries or expenses. Only expense paid is for the dog mobile’s diesel for essential Rescue Remedies transportation and occasional bills like essential large postage.
• Responsible Management: We are guardians for our dogs and work to ensure we identify, match and meet each dog needs carefully. We generally counsel for on lead management within the prejudicial, intolerant climate against bull breeds and terrier traits, and offer other dogs their right to personal space also.
• Peace only where absolutely necessary: We rarely need to offer Peace and then only when advised by our vets to ensure safety, avoid prolonged suffering: We ensure each dog’s dignity is maintained: We then offer with great love and apology for their humans who during their lives failed to understand or meet their welfare needs.