Appeal For Regular Funding

Please could you help us by throwing us a life line in joining the many financial supporters who have set up standing orders to enable us to pay our bills?  I have never been one to ask for money, but we do need to continue to carry on our work and take on dogs which we know NEED us to save their lives. They need us to believe in them to build their skill base, self-confidence, having had impoverished lives. Many Rescues just don’t take them on, or kill them when they assess them as ‘lacking’ skills. WE give our dogs self-confidence, show them human love and care for them after intense neglect. We introduce them to shared walking territories and socialise them gently so they tolerate other dogs changing their instincts from heeding threats to meeting friends.. We need time to prepare each for their forever homes and this costs money i.e. financial investment.
Income revenues have diminished with the pandemic and there are no grants to support animal charities from the government. If you set up even £5 a month it really does add up. The more people that do this, we can raise our baseline funding to take intense pressure off. We carry 1 month’s reserves currently. Thank you if you can and do! If everyone just did it we could turn a corner by you setting up a standing order today. We then could have sufficient funds coming in. I have always devoted my personal time to saving dogs, working with our dogs and providing them with security and safety. I run busy Kennels and the Rescue and don’t take a wage from either. I haven’t time to fundraise as it would distract me from my mission. Today I call out for your help. Our focus is to correctly match our dogs with their rightful future families. We as a Rescue are an phenomenal team of skilled volunteers.

I appreciate it if you can’t at this time, and very much if you already do! Perhaps if not a standing order, simply want to make a one off donation to our bank account, in memory of a past dog or current dog under our care. Or mention us in your will. Our bank details are on the Standing Order form featured here. I will smile as I go over the accounts, as I have this week, being reminded of our dogs, past and current homers and volunteers, and those familiar names who simply have chosen to support dogs.

Please use the following links to set up a standing order and please don’t forget to GIFT AID. Some of our 50 long stay dogs are featured below.
Thank you Lynne da Costa Active Founder Mar 2021

NB:We are having to raise our minimum homing donation which we have held back on for over 10 years. I have argued that it’s the wrong time during this economic crisis to raise it BUT we have no choice.