Essential Reading Prior to Your Application

Homing a Rescue Remedies Cat
Homing a Rescue Remedies Cat

In-depth reading prior to your application:

Are you ready to commit to welcoming a new family member now and all that entails in terms of time, patience, love and understanding? Is your home environment cat safe and are you allowed to have a cat if you live in rented property?

Our homing process is centred around our Homing Questionnaire which is designed to find suitable homes meeting our stringent criteria and to minimise the risk of homing failure.
• Unfortunately, we can’t take calls or accept visits as we simply don’t have the available resources to do so.
• Please treat us with respect – we reserve the right to do what we believe to be in the best interests of our cats which we understand may mean we disappoint you for which we apologise.
• We are sorry that we can’t provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants, we simply don’t have the time to do so and concentrate all our limited voluntary resources on homing our cats and dogs.

Important points to note

▪︎ We have no upper age limit on people wishing to adopt

▪︎ Some of the cats can be placed with an existing cat (or dog )

▪︎ We will home to ‘Indoor’ homes if suitable for the cat.

▪︎ We recommend keeping a new cat indoors for a minimum of 2 weeks – (usual settling in stuff…)

When you are ready, complete the Homing Questionnaire
• We will acknowledge receipt and vet your application to determine initial suitability.
• If your application passes our detailed checks (and if we have a suitable cat/s) you will be contacted to arrange an interview and answer any questions you may have.
• If both parties agree, you visit the cattery and meet the suitable cat/s with your existing dog/s if you have any.
• Depending how the meeting goes you will either be able to take the cat(s) home having completed the paper work and made the appropriate donation or, occasionally, you may be asked back to build up a trusting relationship with the cat prior to homing.

We will provide on-going support via our on-line forum to help you settle in your cat and will also provide advice regarding diet etc. during the homing meet. We are totally committed to successful homing and will do all that we are practically able to help make it so.

We make a commitment to our cats for life and in the event that a homing does not work out we will take the cat back. All we ask is that you have given the homing your very best shot. Please note that if you have to return a cat to us your homing donation will not be refunded to you.