Rescueremedies (incl. Staffierescue and Terrierrescue) remains active in homing our dogs. We follow strict COVID 19 measures to assure the health & safety of our walkers and fosterers, kennel staff and homers. Our processes are internet based. Our homing team and admin, work from their homes offering their own time. We use street view, videos, photos and vet checks instead of home checks. Once matched, you are focused on an essential walk to meet and assess the identified dog. Social distancing is enforced.

We have the dogs we have. Our websites are updated every night. High expectations on your part will lift you out of the realism of homing a Rescue dog in need. Revise your wish list and be prepared to be matched. We are not breeders.

Due to the unprecedented numbers of applicants we are no longer able to give feedback. Do not telephone us. Only apply if serious and open. Only complete the homing questionnaire if ready NOW and willing to travel for the essential homing meet (and also prepared to return our dog if it doesn’t work out).

 Statistics June: Dogs Homed 18, New Intake 14 – Total 2020: Dogs Homed 149, New intake 125

Summer is one of our Superb Staffies

Roco is one of our Terrific Terriers

Bella is one of our Superb Staffies

Bentley is one of our Terrific Terriers

Lily is one of our Superb Staffies

Eddie is one of our Terrific Terriers