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Our Rescue’s Homing process: We have remained open throughout the pandemic for the sake of our dogs. Our system is internet based. Our websites are refreshed daily, with the reserved and homed dogs taken off: You can trust the dogs showing are available. Click their pictures and then go through to their details on their Forum Thread. The title bar states their name; breed; age if known and whereabouts. The top of their thread states their current status. Some of our dogs have been with us for years as we stand by our dogs… for as long as it takes. We also receive our dogs back when they need us. Read through the frontpage, it explains how to submit our homing questionnaire, the link is given. Please do not call to ask questions before applying, those questions will be answered by the homing team later along the process, if that dog is still available or we are discussing another with yourself.

We have had an unprecedented number of applicants. Our ethics are all our dogs are neutered before homing, unless too young. We take deathrow dogs, which most Rescues screen out on breed, age and conduct. Our dogs have had tragic pasts, leading them to be mistrustful.
They may never have been socialised outside in shared territory.  Over a 5 year period we saw 10 of our homed dogs die in accidents related to off lead events, our hearts broke, we committed then to our on lead policy.

We decided not to expose our dogs to risk takers, who usually place all the blame on our dogs, and return after placing them in a situation they weren’t prepared for. Our families are committed to keeping their dogs on lead for life, as we do. This is the best way to avoid dogs being run over chasing a fox; lost down fox holes; running over to the public and causing alarm, or to other dogs who do not welcome intrusive contact. We respect other people’s dog’s space, do you? Some of our dogs have been muzzled trained as they pick up the wrong things or are simply not bombproof in the public arena. Rescueremedies is known as an ON LEAD rescue. If you want your next dog off lead in public places then please do not apply. Please be honest with us, as during the vetting process we soon find out if your families’ real intention is to have off lead. There is a cohort of people very committed to On lead; they are our families, and they build a safer community.

The Homing questionnaire is detailed and a fabulous exercise for you to clarify the facets of your life which will impact on your choice of new dog. We can no longer guarantee we will come back to you if you apply. We did, but received disbelief if we judged our current dogs were not suitable. Further our volunteers received regular abuse and then trolled on our platforms. We now have a 2 tier vetting process where Questionnaires are checked on entry. They are then checked in preparation for allocation to a Homing Team member. Due to a huge backlog our process can be long. We understand if you have been successful elsewhere. All our dogs receive backup for life, check if you go to other sources what their backup system involves… the best give 3 months: Most, especially free-ads give none. We do our best with committed volunteers to serve our dogs and ensure we get it right for all.

 Statistics October: Dogs Homed 18, New Intake 18 – Total 2020: Dogs Homed 242, New intake 200

Summer is one of our Superb Staffies

Boris is one of our Terrific Terriers

Betty is one of our Superb Staffies

Trevor is one of our Terrific Terriers

Lily is one of our Superb Staffies

Ralph is one of our Terrific Terriers