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Please read Do NOT Call us. We do not offer addition information. Click our dog’s photo and read their details via the Forum! Our telephone is for urgent life & death calls only

Our Rescue’s Homing process:

  • We are Open: We have remained open throughout the pandemic for the sake of our dogs. Our systems and process is internet based. You may need help from friends or family e.g. videoing your garden.
  • Up-to-date: Our websites are updated daily, with the reserved and homed dogs taken off: You can trust the dogs below are available. Click their pictures and then go through to their details on their Forum Thread.
  • Live Forum: Forum threads start the day a dog comes into us. Many dogs have many pages which show their process as they prepare and wait for the right family. Some of our dogs have been with us for years as we stand by our dogs… for as long as it takes. We also receive our dogs back when they need us. The title bar states their name; breed; age if known and whereabouts. The top of their thread states their current status. Read through their front page, it has the link to submit our online homing questionnaire.
  • Please do not call: Questions will be answered by the homing team later along the process, if that dog is still available, or we are discussing another with yourself.
  • Backlog: We have had an unprecedented interest. We delete those wanting off lead and hold those we are hopeful for until we can allocate to the Homing Team believing we have a possible match.  Our process usually involves a wait. We understand if you have successfully rescued elsewhere. Please respect our volunteers when they contact because there is tremendous pressure on their own time gifted to our dogs

Our Ethics: are all our dogs are neutered before homing, unless too young. We help death row dogs, which most Rescues screen out on breed, age and conduct. Our dogs have had tragic pasts. They may never have been socialised outside in shared territory.  All our dogs receive backup for life, check if you go to other sources what their backup involves should the homing not work out or break down.

On Lead Policy: Over a 5 year period we saw 10 of our homed dogs die in accidents related to off lead events, our hearts broke. These were dogs we had saved from death row, nurtured and invested our hearts in. We committed then to our on lead policy and decided not to expose our dogs to risk takers. Our families are committed to keeping their dogs on lead for life, as we do. We hear it in their voice and throughout the family. We are looking for responsible rock solid families and will discover if the family are feigning us and actually wanting their dog off-lead. Please apply elsewhere do not waste our time or yours. Rescue Remedies is known as an ON LEAD rescue. If you want your next dog off lead in public places then please do not apply. Please be honest with us, as during the vetting process we soon find out if your families’ real intention is to have off lead. There is a cohort of people very committed to On lead; they are our families, and they build a safer community.

Homing Process: Our online Homing questionnaire is detailed and a worthy exercise for you to identify facets of dog ownership which affect your choice of dog.

We can no longer guarantee we will come back to you if you apply BUT you get an automatic email explaining this on submission.

On receipt Off lead homing questionnaires are deleted. Please don’t apply if you have always enjoyed off lead and are looking for that freedom. Committed on-lead families are sorted and await allocation to a Homing Team member as and if we identify a possible match for one of our dogs. Our endeavour is to place our dogs so we can help the next urgently waiting dog who life is on the line. We hold Homing Questionnaires for up to 6 months and will contact if a suitable dog comes in. Many families even when contacted still are looking for an off lead dog and sadly waste our time by applying and trying to convince us they are worthy homes. They are worthy homes BUT we do not home to families who are looking to have our dogs off lead.

We do our best with experienced committed volunteers to serve our dogs and ensure we get it right for all.

 Statistics May: Dogs Homed 9, New Intake 8 – Total 2021: Dogs Homed 60, New intake 69

Bluey is one of our Superb Staffies

Spencer is one of our Terrific Terriers

Ruby Tuesday is one of our Superb Staffies

Bruno is one of our Terrific Terriers

Buds is one of our Superb Staffies

Jinx is one of our Terrific Terriers