Our voluntary dog walkers play a fantastic role for our kennelled dogs. They gain such a deep sense of satisfaction in offering our waiting dogs hope; giving them love and companionship and brightening up their week. They also build their skills and are a vital part of our team in assessing their needs and welfare. There is such a love bond that develops and the rejoicing when a beloved friend finds their family is the ultimate reward following on from their ultimate intense relationship formed. Some go on to offer a special day out or weekends to their homes. We have had walkers book a holiday and take the neediest dog with them for two weeks self-catering bliss by the sea. Visits to their gardens, baths, vet trips for vaccinations or on-going treatment.

Initially each volunteer is asked to offer a minimum of three two-three hour sessions and they receive an induction in managing our easiest dogs. Regular group walks develop between friends and people that can share a morning together and offer our dogs their time. Partners and friends are enticed along. People discover Staffies and not only end up loving them but on many occasions ‘owning’ their favourite at the kennel that fits in with their lifestyle…so beware!

The boarding kennels we hire are close to Gatwick Airport, Godstone, Guilford areas. Shine or frost our dogs will give you a great time and make you smile when you’re driving home remembering your new or old formed canine friends…and that extra walk which you didn’t intend to do but seeing those pleading eyes you entered their kennel for a cuddle and one last walk.

Please complete our online Volunteer Walker form and someone will be in touch

Please download and print our Walkies poster

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