Become a Rescue Remedies Volunteer
Many of our volunteers came to us to help a dog and witnessed the plight of dogs in our society and just couldn’t walk away. As dog lovers we cared too much. We all had different talents to offer. The flavour of our Rescue work: We focus purely on our dogs. We are experts on ‘working type’ terriers and bull breeds as reflected in our websites. We are busy meeting the needs of our incumbent dogs, supporting our rehomers, while linking with the many rescues and rescue minded people such as Dog Wardens, Vet Practices or Council pound helpers who alert us to dogs losing their lives.

Most people come in with ideas but soon learn we have so many ideas but need boots that walk; twitters to tweet; fosterers to foster, drivers to transport our dogs, vets to neuter and fundraisers to shake tins or cook liver cake or human cake for sale. As with any voluntary organisation people flutter in and fade away, but the hard core support workers find their niche and commit. They translate needs into achievement and know they are really making a difference. So take the time to read through the Forum and try and pitch in with one inspiration where you feel comfortable.

Teresa – I love Staffies
We adopted a staffie 13 years ago and Ellie was my inspiration for rescue when I realised how funny, adorable and misunderstood staffies are. I love meeting the staffies in kennels as I am always greeted with smiley faces, wiggly, chunky little bums and cuddles.
Tim – I love Terriers
Terriers will fill your days with laughter and love, although small dogs they have the roar of a lion and a heart of gold. A rescue terrier will  be your friend for life and this is why I’m a volunteer.  You cannot put into words what you gain when you befriend a scared terrier.
Laura – My favourite day of the week is the day I spend at kennels. It can be physically and emotionally demanding but there is real joy to be found in helping rescue dogs. Anything you give is given back to you tenfold with a wag, a paw or a lick (or twenty). Oh and you meet some pretty awesome humans along the way too.
Sarah loves any breed
In between jobs in early 2012 I found Rescue Remedies and I have never looked back, I was hooked from my very first walk ! Not long after that I was introduced to weekend fostering and I got hooked on that too, these gorgeous dogs are very addictive !
Terry was my first experience of Patterdale terriers was the start of my love affair with the breed, they are my favourite little bundles of fun, all with oodles of character. Not that I love any of the others less, I have plenty of love to go around, as does each and every one of our dogs xxx
Terry loves American Bulldogs
Big strong dogs that can be very protective & choosy with who or how they meet & greet people.  However, once you’ve been accepted by an Ambull they make the most fantastic companion with a tremendous amount of love to give back If they sense that you’re a little intimidated by there size and appearance they can tend to become dominant Therefore experience dog savvy owners make the best owners.  Strong powerful friendly loving dogs that require a certain amount of daily exercise or they can become destructive if left alone for long periods
Kim and Arthur Terrier
Due to a change in home circumstances and no longer able to foster, I became a dog walker. To brighten up a dogs day with a walk, cuddles and treats is priceless.  People often say to me that they couldn’t walk our dogs as they would find it to upsetting. I would find it more upsetting knowing that I could make a big difference to a dogs day but chose to do nothing about it. Just seeing our dogs faces light up when they see you makes it all worthwhile. I am proud to be part of our family.
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