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Welcome to Rescue Remedies

Here are just some of our homeless dogs looking for homes.

Our websites are updated daily. Our Staffies, Terriers and Ambulls have their own websites, you can print off a list and details of our dogs from the link in the left margin or from website. Each picture takes you through to their thread/blog on Our Forum. All our dogs are neutered, vax’d and chipped. Our adoption donation in no way covers costs, the opposite to breeders, we supplement our dogs’ kennel costs from donations through our websites and fundraising activities. Our Rescue dogs are looking for stability and a nurturing attitude where they are integral to their families. All enquiries come through our homing or fostering questionnaires so if you don’t have the internet get a relative or friend to complete it and submit it to us. Enjoy!

Rehomed dogs can be found in our Forum. Dogs Rehomed section

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Jan 8 new dogs

HAPPY NEW YEAH! Yeah Yeah Inundated with emergencies so where is our resolution to allow our souring numbers to drop so we get our sanity back. Have taken in Poppy 12 year old Jack Russell Mammary tumours/ dental/ unspayed/ not vaccinated/ chipped +++; Staffie x Meesha Mammary tumours, unspayed post many litters; inguinal hernia repair with scarring tissue +++ ; Staffie Mabel post puppy unspayed, unchipped+++ untreated skin condition; Unneutered bitches Flora, Rosie, Pippa, Cash unneutered male Staffie. You keep on keeping on and hopefully raise the funds to pay the pressing bills!

Please support our work

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